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The Allison Group qualifies both as a small and as a woman-owned business.

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Satisfied clients include the Citibank, Hewlett Packard, iStar Financial, Microsoft, and US Departments of Homeland Security and Treasury.

The Allison Group is a New York City-based international consulting business which works with organizations to improve their capacity to generate positive results in rapidly-changing environments. Since 1980, we have been using systems thinking, appreciative inquiry, and the learning from our experience to improve organizational architecture, communication, and overall effectiveness.

Improve group effectiveness. Reduce the time it takes for teams to form.

Increase participants’ ability to appreciate the benefits of—and work more effectively with—the people who see the world quite differently from the way that they themselves see it.

Use our model to identify and respond effectively to key elements of high-change environments.

Participants learn to identify wicked problem challenges where people are both the problem and the solution.

All managers and leaders speak with their staff, peers, and bosses. Some conversations are much more effective than others.

This program provides mental models and practical tools to enable leaders to make every conversation count.

Some meetings work much better than others. The difference often lies in the preparation and meeting structure—and in the open, aware presence of the facilitator.

Experience counts, too. We have lots.

Learn about our research in community revitalization, historic preservation and livable cities, and the media and social change.

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Use our expertise to help you develop training (in person or online), meeting design, or program assessment.

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