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“Jo Goodson was so warm and engaging during our conversation that I really relaxed. I was able to learn more in this session than in six months of coaching.” —Computer Systems Administrator, US Federal Government
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Jo Goodson focuses on improving team communication so that clients can develop their projects more efficiently and effectively. She has a track record of developing successful new functions within large organizations. A key to this success was learning how to build trust and foster effective communication between clients and newly established teams and among team members, including team management. Her approach is to develop an understanding of the how the client communicates priorities and requirements, then work with the team supporting that client to ensure that the team can capture and respond to these priorities and requirements effectively.

Jo acquired her expertise in 30 years of high profile positions dealing in the creation and management of technology projects for the government, financial institutions, and aerospace corporations. Making things happen while staying within budget and causing minimal disruption to existing processes that she was mandated to change gave Jo a reputation for getting things done without “ticking people off”.

As an early leader in securing electronic processes for financial services, Jo developed and enforced electronic security policies. She selected, developed, implemented and had operational responsibility for securing technology solutions. She was a founding member of the Securities Industry Association (SIA) Information Security Roundtable and served as a member of the President’s Council on Critical Infrastructure Security. Jo represented both groups on expert panels.