Discovery: Learning more about Carl Jung

If you’ve participated in one of our Discovery Communication and Team Building programs (and even if not), you might like to learn more about Carl Gustav Jung.  The Discovery preferences and difference are based in Carl Jung’s ideas.

Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss psychologist and influential thinker and wrote a number of very interesting books about individual and collective psychology, dreams, and archetypes.  There are also many books about him and his thinking.

Here are some of the books we like.  Click on the image of the book cover to order from amazon.

If you’d like a quick and easy way to learn more about Jung, you might try: Jung: A Very Short Introduction by Anthony Stevens

This is fast and engaging read.



For those who would like to read some the original works, Joseph Campbell pulled together an edited version of some of Jung’s key writings: The Portable Jung by C. G. Jung, (Joseph Campbell, editor; R. C. F. Hull, translator)

Campbell’s introduction is helpful and the selections provide the essence of Jung in his own words.


For the courageous and the artistic, The Red Book, released in 2009, is an art book reproducing Jung’s personal handwritten journal from 1914 to 1930.  The Red Book records Jung’s exploration of himself as he was developing his theories.   It’s expensive and fascinating.  The original was featured in several museum shows in multiple U.S. cities as the reproduction was published. The Red Book by C. G. Jung (Sony Shamdasani, editor and translator; Mark Kyburz, translator; John Peck, translator)

Not for everyone, but if you venture this far, you are likely to enrich you life substantially.