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Buy an Individual Report for your associate, family or friend!

The Allison Group will be happy to invite your associate, employee, friend, or family member to begin the process to obtain an individual report.

We can create a new workshop for you and a small group or provide the report as a "stand alone" experience (no workshop planned).

We can offer your chapters you might find most include a foundation chapter - prices requested.

All reports may vary depending on additional chapters Discovery Report Chapters:

• Foundation
• Management
• Sales
• Personal Growth

Our individual "stand-alone" (no workshop) reports come with:

• fast turn-around, we'll send a PDF of the report with the same quality and care you experienced

• a follow-up 60 minute confidential telephone review with one of our trained specialists

• an optional Team or Family Communication Chart combining the preferences from your report and your purchase

• a printed and bound, full color report mailed to the individual with some supporting reference material

Contact us with your Purchasing Request!

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After listening to Mary Ann recently,
a 22-year old said:

"Even though it was a little scary, you explained it so clearly and made it so interesting, I could really understand it. Talking to my folks will be different now."

The Allison Group will be happy to invite your associate, employee, friend or family member to begin the process to obtain an individual report.

If they are a member of your organization we can discuss including them in a future workshop, create a new workshop for you and a small group, or provide the report as a "stand alone" experience (no workshop planned).

Learn more about Appreciative Inquiry

Recent research into the behavior of people and social systems documents the fact the interventions which focus on individual and group strengths and what is going well can dramatically improve results.

Appreciative Inquiry was first developed at the Case Weatherhead School of Management Appreciative Inquiry by Dr. David L. Cooperrider and Dr. Ronald Fry.

Appreciative Inquiry programs are improving results in many sectors. For example, since 2004, Appreciative Inquiry has been used as one of the primary methods for annual Leaders Summits at the United Nations. Attending these summits are CEOs from companies like BP, Daimler- Chrysler, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, Starbucks, and Volvo as well as civil society and UN leaders. For more information, visit the Appreciative Inquiry Commons.

Learn more about Systems Thinking

All human organizations are systems.

A system—as a whole--is greater than the sum of its parts.

Systems thinking helps us to look at relationships and patterns of behavior. It directs our attention to seeing and understanding the results of our activities (feedback).

The Allison Group integrates systems thinking into all out program design to help clients set up positive feedback loops which reinforce effective performance.

Among the many important contributors to the development of systems thinking are Yaneer Bar-Yam (Making Things Work: Solving Complex Problems in a Complex World, 2005 and Dynamics of Complex Systems, 1997), Ervin Laszlo (Systems Thinking 1972), and Peter Senger (The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization, 1990).

Among the many places to learn about systems thinking are: the Allison Group Glob entry on systems thinking, the Society for Organizational Learning, and this overview from The Systems Thinker Newsletter published by Pegasus Communications.

Learn more about Psychometrics

Psychometric instruments help us to better understand our own and others' preferences for the ways in which we communicate and absorb information and make decisions. They are not tests and do not measure intelligence or predict success on the job. Successful psychometric instruments help people to communicate more effectively.

We chose the Discovery Instrument because, in addition to its statistical validity, it is practical, easy to use, and improves our clients' productivity immediately. And the changes stick.

Highly validated and reliable, the Insights Discovery instrument was created in the United Kingdom to help organizations increase their productivity, communication, and relationships. Over 1 million people around the world have used this instrument in more than 22 languages.

Based in Dundee, Scotland, Insights Learning & Development, Ltd., founded in 1988 by father and son team Andi and Andy Lothian, enjoys a presence in over 30 countries and boasts a suite of materials available in over 25 languages. Insights has established itself as a leader in the field of people and organizational development. Their offering includes personality profiles, competency diagnostics, e-learning programs and facilitator-led learning.

The Allison Group, LLC, is licensed for the Discovery System by The Gatehouse Alliance. INSIGHTS, INSIGHTS DISCOVERY and INSIGHTS WHEEL are Registered Trade Marks. © Andrew Lothian 1992-2011, Insights, Dundee, Scotland. All rights reserved.